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“Well, this is your chance to win big in a tournament to prove who's really the best!”


seeks to expand the culture of e-sports beyond competitive gaming to create and engage a broader community of gamers through entertainment and education.   


​Throughout the centuries there have been some epic battles where mere mortals tested their strength, their cunning and their wit to noteworthy adversaries.  These battles played out everywhere from the blacktop to the hardwood, from Rome’s ancient Colosseum to the Oakland Coliseum.

Showdowns like the Thriller in Manila to Lakers vs. Celtics in the 1980’s and Brady vs. Manning will forever be ingrained in the public’s consciousness.  Those battles have earned their spots in history already.  Video games give the average Joe the opportunity to step into the shoes of legends and become legends themselves.

Now those that think they have skills and understand that life is not complete unless you compete will have a chance to test their mettle with the Ultimate Gaming League.  We are looking for strong men and women who are not afraid to go head-to-head on the sticks.

These tournaments are not for faint of heart. It’s not for sucka ducks.  We are looking for folks who are dedicated to dominating their opponent.  Is that you?  Are you willing to step up?  Are you destined to be immortal?  Then the Ultimate Gaming League awaits you!


The Ultimate Gaming League is a startup digital e-sports media company based out of Oakland, CA, that hosts its own branded e-sports tournaments and championships.  The overall goal and mission of UGL is to bring more of today's professional athletes into the e-sports ecosystem and infrastructure as players, owners, and investors. 


From competitive to casual gaming, we create an experience that speaks to the essence of the gaming lifestyle and culture.  We infuse athletes, influencers, musicians, entertainers, etc., into the gaming space with our customers to create an experience that speaks to the essence of gaming culture - that we are all the same on the sticks....  At the same time, we are a culture curator working in the community to bridge the digital divide and expose urban America to life changing opportunities in eSports and technology.

The Ultimate Gaming League was founded by Brad Flewellen, Chuck Johnson, and Josh Johnson to foster diversity in the technology/gaming space through groundbreaking events and education.  All of UGL's co-founders form a partnership between business entrepreneurs and entertainment industry professionals, alongside professional athletes who also have a strong interest and passion for e-sports gaming.



Bradford ("Brad") Flewellen is an accomplished businessman with over twenty-five years of banking and real estate experience in the areas of commercial real estate investment and acquisitions, land development, structured finance and mortgage lending.  Brad also has vast experience in business development and managing start-ups.

Founder & Talent Director


Charles ("Chuck") Johnson is an accomplished producer, activist, Hip-Hop executive, & community leader. Johnson is an entertainment businessman who also cares deeply about his community. He’s a founding member of the Town Business Network, an Oakland nonprofit that has mobilized the Bay Area Hip-Hop community around the issues of non-violence, education and economic empowerment.



Joshua ("Josh") Javon Johnson is an American football quarterback who is played in both the NFL and XFL. He played college football at San Diego, and was drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL Draft



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