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NBA 2K21


1v1 Current Teams

UGL Championship Season 1



  • All current teams are eligible (All-stars and classic teams are not allowed)

  • Players can use the same team

  • Can only play with a team twice during the regular season

  • No customized rosters

Game settings should be the defaults:

  • Team size: 1v1

  • Difficulty: Hall of Fame

  • Match length : 5 minutes Quarters

  • Everything else: default

  • Game speed: Normal

  • Sliders: Default

Match Rules

1.    Connection Issues:

If there is a connection related issue, games will attempted to be played three times within a 2-hour period. If connection issues still occur, a 24-hour reschedule will take place. 

2.    Disconnections:

Games must be restarted if a Player (including the host) disconnects in the first quarter and before the first touchdown. 

All players must leave the match to end the game.

3.    No Shows:

A team has 15 minutes to show-up with the proper number of eligible players and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the match. Teams are responsible for all scheduled matches.

If you have a No Show issue, navigate to your match page and update your match status to: "I'm reporting: my opponent did not show up". 
To receive a no show win, you must submit a ticket within 45 minutes of the scheduled match time.


Season 1 Details

Consoles: Playstation

Team Size: 1v1

Free Agents: Minimum 2-Week Term


Draft Date: February 13th

Week 1: February 21st

Season Ends: April 25th


Playoffs: Double Elimination,


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