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Twitch Instructions
Play Video

(STEP 1)  Link Your PS4 to Twitch: (Home Team Initiates setup)

  • Hit "Share" button from your PS4 home screen

  • Select “Sharing and Broadcast Settings”

  • Select “Link with Other Services”

  • Select “Twitch” and click “Sign In” on next page

  • Click “Sign-In” and then enter the PS4 code in Twitch to link accounts

  • Enter the PS4 code in the Twitch activation page and hit “Activate”

  • Once the accounts are linked, press OK and return to the PS4 home screen to set up the game

(STEP 2)  Game Set Up: (Home Team Initiates setup)

  • Go to "Friends" on PS4 home screen and search for opponent 

  • Friend your opponent

  • Start exhibition game

  • Select "Play online head to head"

  • Select "Play a friend"

  • Select opponent/"friend to invite"

  • Hit "Option" button to "Create a game"

  • Select game play:

    • Fatigue – ON

    • Normal speed

    • 6 Min Quarters

    • All Madden game skill

    • Acceleration clock – OFF

  • Send game invite (Opponent may need to check notifications ton confirm invitations) 

  • Select Teams 

  • Start Game

(STEP 3)  Game Broadcast Setup

  • Hit "Share" button once game finishes loading

  • Select "Broadcast Game Play" and click OK on the next screen

  • Select "Twitch" on PS4 

  • Under Communication Settings, un-check “Display Message to Spectators and Spectators’ Comments”

  • Under Quality, Select “720p – Standard” 

  • To invite opponent to broadcast, hit "Select Players" to send Broadcast invitation to opponent (Opponent may need to check notifications to confirm invitations) - OPTIONAL

  • Hit “Start Broadcasting” to begin broadcast and return to gameplay

(STEP 4)  End Broadcast

  • Hit "Share" button once game is over

  • Select "Broadcast Game play" and click "Stop Broadcast"

  • Select “Exit Game”

  • Hit “Share” button once you exit game

  • Select “Sharing and Broadcast Settings”

  • Select “Link with Other Services”

  • elect “Twitch” and click “Sign Out” on next page 

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