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  • The UGL assumes that each participant who enters a tournament is aware of all the rules and checks them periodically.  Insufficient knowledge of the rules cannot be used as an excuse for breaking the rules.

  • Gamers who participate are required to play with the Gamer ID (PSN Account) they have specified.

  • The Gamertag/ PSN ID/ PSN Account that is being used in the game must match the Gamertag/ PSN ID/ PSN Account entered at registration.  If another account is going to be used, submit this to the Commissioner BEFORE the tournament has started.

  • Every player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible ‘lag’.

  • Players may use any of the regular season 32 NFL teams from the 2020 Madden UPDATED rosters as installed with the original game.  Both players can select the same team.

  • Players are allowed to change teams during the tournament.

  • Players can use any playbook and change your playbook at any time during the tournament.

  • Seeding for the tournament will be done by random draw. All seeding decisions are final.

  • Home team must stream and post stream in selected discord group chat.

  • Winner must post screenshot of final score and post in selected discord group chat.

  • Players must add opponent as friend for match up.


  • This is a single-elimination tournament; therefore, players are eliminated from the tournament after a loss.

  • The game schedule and the times when the games have to be played will be published on the UGL website ( prior to the tournament.

  • All participants must check themselves in no later than 5 minutes before the tournament starts. This can be done via the tournament lobby. NOTE: If you do not check yourself in the within the 5 minutes, you will not be eligible to participate in the tournament.

  • Complaining about losing a game incorrectly after a match cannot be taken into account in the final outcome of a match. If there are reasons to suspect that your opponent is not playing by the rules or serious lag occurs for a long time, report this to the admin, at the beginning of the game, before your opponent has taken benefit of the problem.

  • In the event of an outage of power, accidental unplugging, system freeze or some other event not in either player’s control that would not allow the participants to finish the game, the game will be restarted using the “situational setup” to exactly

  • match the score, settings, quarter, time and possession so the game can continue as it was.

  • In the event of an internet connection failure, if the game turns off or is interrupted for an extended period of time, then players must take a screen shot of score and time of possession and send it to the Commissioner.  The game will be restarted using the “situational setup” giving each player back the same points, time of possession, and/or coin toss.If the game disconnects in the 1st half, then the players will restart the game with the same points.If the game disconnects in 2nd half, then the players will play one half with the same score.Quitting results in automatic loss and the opponent moves on to next round.

  • Players cannot “chew the clock”


  • Sudden Death will be played until a winner is determined.

  • If the game remains tied after overtime, then the first team to score a touchdown in the second OT, or beyond, will win.


  • Game settings are default.  Skill level is ALL MADDEN.  All levels are default. Challenges are on.  Game clock will be 6:00 minute quarters unless specified by tournament director to speed up the tournament if it starts getting behind time.  Play calling will be Gameflow.

  • Random weather is on during tournament until the Championship Game. Random weather is off for the Championship Game. Championship Game will be held as the Super Bowl.

  • Substitutions can only be changed before the game, at halftime or if you use a timeout.

  • If you pause the game (using the start button), you must burn a timeout as a penalty. If you have no timeouts left, you will be required to take a penalty (delay of game for offense or offsides for defense)

  • Home field advantage will be determined by a flip of a coin. The winner in both situations will choose their team first.

  • Injuries: On

  • Fatigue: On

  • Accelerated Clock: On

  • Player Lock: On (Can be set to ON or OFF by each player in personal config.)

  • 4th Down and 2 Point Conversion limitations within Fair Play will be turned OFF

  • Penalties:  On

  • Audibles, Depth Chart, substitutions - Players have 2 minutes each to set audibles, depth chart, substitutions


  • If you feel that your opponent is cheating, notify tournament director. The director’s decision is final and the violators could be kicked out of the tournament.

  • No profanity will be used at any point during tournament toward your opponent, any registered players, venue staff, UGL staff, or spectators. 

  • Sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any individual who tampers or attempts to tamper with the entry process, the operation of the Tournament, violates the Official Rules or the Code of Conduct, or acts in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person. 

  • There’s a difference between being excited about a play that was made and trash talking.  The Sponsor does not condone calling anyone what would be considered a foul name or gesture. 

  • All participants are expected to act in a professional manner at all times.  Inappropriate play such as swearing and or throwing controllers is punishable by a penalty and disqualification.


  • D-­‐Lineman must be kept on the screen (as long as you can see a piece of them). LB’s can move anywhere on screen.

  • Use of hurry offense is permitted.

  • Onside kicks-­‐ the use of onside kicks is prohibited at any point in the game, unless the opponent is ahead by 21 points or more or you are down in the 4th quarter.

  • Screen toggling: No excessive screen toggling will be allowed during the snap of the ball or before a FG or Punt. Abuse of this rule will result in use of time out or in case of FG situation re-­‐kick.


  • We reserve the right to add additional rules at any time during the tournament especially when a new glitch is found.

  • Tournament director reserves the right to add or remove any rules as needed.

  • Shaking, jiggling - looking left and right in rapid succession to shake the screen - is prohibited. Any other action designed to disrupt the opposing player's view of the field or ability to select controlled players is prohibited.


  • The Event is subject to these Rules.  By participating, each player agrees (or, if a Minor, such player’s parent or legal guardian agrees on such player’s behalf): (a) to be bound by these complete Rules (including the Code of Conduct) and the decisions of UGL which shall be final and binding; and (b) to waive any right to claim ambiguity in the Event or these Rules, except where prohibited by applicable law.  By accepting a prize, the winning player agrees (or, if a Minor, such winning player’s parent or legal guardian agrees on such winning player’s behalf) to release UGL from any and all liability, loss or damage arising from or in connection with awarding, receipt and/or use or misuse of prize or participation in any prize-related activities.  UGL shall not be liable for: (i) telephone system, telephone, or computer hardware, software, or other technical or computer malfunctions, lost connections, disconnections, delays or transmission errors; (ii) data corruption, theft, destruction, unauthorized access to or alteration of entry or other materials; (iii) any injuries, losses or damages of any kind, including death caused by the prize or resulting from acceptance, possession, or use of a prize, or from participation in the Event; or (iv) any printing, typographical, administrative, or technological errors in any materials associated with the Event.  UGL reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Event in its sole discretion or due to circumstances beyond its control, including natural disasters.  UGL may disqualify any player from participating in the Event or winning a prize if, in its sole discretion, it determines such player is attempting to undermine the legitimate operation of the Event by cheating, hacking, deception, or any other unfair playing practices intending to annoy, abuse, threaten, undermine, or harass any other players or UGL’s representatives.  The internal laws of the State of California will govern disputes regarding these Rules and/or the Event.  UGL reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify, or suspend the Event should a virus, bug, computer problem, unauthorized intervention, or other causes beyond ULG’s control, corrupt the administration, security or proper play of the Event.  Any attempt to deliberately damage or undermine the legitimate operation of the Event may be in violation of criminal and civil laws and will result in disqualification from participation in the Event.Should such an attempt be made, UGL reserves the right to seek remedies and damages (including attorneys’ fees) to the fullest extent of the law, including criminal prosecution.  UGL reserves the right to disqualify any player it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Event or violating these Rules. UGL is not responsible for any problems, bugs, or malfunctions players may encounter. The Event is subject to all applicable federal, state and local laws.

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