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What is the UGL Championship?

After competing  for exclusive prizes over a 6-week regular season and 2-week playoff one UGL Champion will be crowned. Players will be drafted to one of the four founding franchises: Da Fam, Ochocinco, 4 Brothers or Glitxh, building a close relationship with their pro athlete teammates.


Teams will compete once a week live on Twitch, with post-game content distributed on team and league social media platforms and across the UGL partner network. 


Season 1 Draft: February 16

Week 1 Begins: February 21

Season Ends: April 25

Game: Call of Duty Cold War: Search and Destroy

Console: Cross-Play (Xbox, PS, PC)

Team Size: 4

Game: Madden 21

Console: Playstation

Team Size: 1

Game: NBA 2K21

Console: Playstation

Team Size: 1

Game: FIFA 21

Console: Xbox

Team Size: 1


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